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Thank you for using our website and your interest in our Clover mobile and related credit card processing products. This website was designed to feature our mobile products for accepting all kinds of payments.

We are top credit card processing company providing cutting edge payment solutions, smart credit card terminals and POS systems.

We are creating the future for electronic payments. The Clover line of innovative (smart) payment processing terminals and POS systems are making traditional credit card machines practically irrelevant. Clover terminals can do so much more for the same cost as most other terminals on the market, with the ability to expand with downloadable apps from the Clover App Marketplace. Apps that can help you better run your business.

We use technology integrated into our transaction processing backend, which assures the fastest transaction times and data protection.

Not all merchant accounts are the same. When you sign up for a Clover-Ignite Payments merchant account you can be confident that your customers sensitive data is protected.

We offer products and services for retail, ecommerce, mail and phone order merchants. Traditional, wireless and/or internet payment options. Businesses such as retailers, restaurants, home-based businesses, professional services (e.g., physicians and attorneys), mail order/infomercial, telephone order merchants, even mobile merchants (e.g., taxi drivers and limousine services) that want to accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks select Ignite Payments for all their processing needs.

This website is operated by our Clover Station / Ignite Payments agent office. Our merchants receive the most innovative payment solutions for their businesses including customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our corporate merchant services support team. Also, unlike our competitors, our agents are not high pressure sales reps, we offer a dedicated team of agents that are dedicated to our clients..

A merchant account with Ignite Payments can be established the same day so that you can start accepting credit cards faster then most other solutions.
If you would like to open a new merchant account, please complete the inquire form on this page, or call us at 1-800-770-1838. One of our friendly and knowledgeable agents can assist you in getting started. To establish an ecommerce account now, click below to access our sign-up request form.

Ignite Payments™ | Highlights

We  have an automated approval system, submitted applications are normally approved the same day. When submitting an application please be certain all information is correct to avoid approval delays. One application for all our products.


Yesterdays Rates Are Not Today's Rates - Our competitors will usually sign you up at what sounds like a low rate, but then provide you with such a complicated statement that you can't figure out what your rates really are. They will also generally increase your rates over time. Let us quote a better rate, we also offer easy to read statements.

SALES AGENT HOTLINE 1-800-770-4480

Get answers to your questions about accepting credit cards, fees, pos systems,  terminals, gift cards, debit cards, PCI compliance and more. Signing up with us a partnership, our dedicated team of agents will be there now and in the future.


Our parent company is a technology leader and one of the largest processors on the planet. We have the equipment and solutions to take your business into the future.


The Clover App Marketplace allows merchants to customize their Clover products with Apps that will help you better run your business. Apps are developed by programmers who build programs for all types of industries.


Our Clover Point-of-Sale inventory management systems integrate with your Ignite Payments merchant account for credit card processing and inventory management all in one simple, complete and sophisticated system. Available for retail and restaurant environments.

Ignite Payments Vermont is a contracted Reseller of the First Data (and/or Clover) solutions. This webpage (or website) is not an official page of First Data Corporation, Clover, its subsidiaries or affiliated businesses.