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Clover Products, now with ApplePay

See how easy it is to safely and securely accept payments including the new iPhone Apple Pay.

Consumers are ready to tap and pay, anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Is your business ready for the flood of these near field communication devices?

Our terminals are capable of accepting ApplePay and other NFC device payments.

Ignite Payments and Clover continue to drive innovation with powerful solutions for both financial institutions and merchants of all sizes. We bring new and exciting contactless payment solutions effortlessly.

ApplePay | NFC Contactless Terminals

We provide the latest in contactless terminals that enable payments with the tap of a mobile device, including Apple Pay. Meet the growing demand for consumer choice, convenience and security, including the new EMV technology.


While Apple Pay contactless payments will be speedy, the opportunity for merchants is greater with in-app payments.

Clover ApplePay w/ Dashboard

Includes the Clover dashboard that helps you see reports such as how your business compares to businesses like yours.


Already have a terminal, add a Pin Pad to enable contactless on your existing terminal.


Transactions are backed with TransArmor® data protection.

Fast Friendly Support

24x7 care and support are there when you need them.