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This year there is a ‘liability shift’ in the credit card processing industry. Merchants in the U.S. are now responsible for all fraud that results from transactions made on any non compliant (non-EMV systems.) Our complete line of terminals and POS systems are now EMV complaint. If your still using an older terminal you will need to replace it to become complaint.

About EMV 

After the recent breaches of security from some of America’s largest retailers. The credit card industry has now changed the way merchants accept credit card payments.

Financial institutions are now issuing customers new cards and updating their networks to be compatible with EMV data, while businesses will need to purchase new, EMV-capable terminals. Benefits of the switch will mean less fraud and increased security for EVM compliant merchants.

Smart card adoption in the U.S., which is necessary for the implementation other EMV™, standard requires a thorough understanding of chip-based payment enablement. Merchants should start implementing EMV technology now and look into options for accepting chip-based credit and debit cards. EMV compatible equipment will still be backwards compatible for customers still using older magnetic strip credit cards.

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