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Perka | Grow your Business

Perka is a card less loyalty mobile app, a digital punch card on your customers smart phone.

Perka is part of an overall trend toward using mobile devices and location-based apps for customer loyalty programs. In the past, small to medium-sized merchants used paper punch cards and collected very little usable data about regular customers. Perka Flexpoints uses a cloud-hosted platform to allow retail merchants to track your consumers more easily and offer them deals, as well as give them rewards for loyalty.

The loyalty space is changing and the Perka solution is a critical component for merchants, a tool that can help you grow business with your loyal customers.

Clover & Perka

The Perka app is available for merchants from the Clover Marketplace, customers can either download the app into their smart phones or visit the Perka website from their device.

Perka essentially brings those “buy 10, get 1 free” punch cards we all know and love online and in the hands of your customers right on their internet mobile connected devices and smartphones. Through its mobile apps, Perka allows customers to connect with their favorite local merchants and receive recognition for their patronage in an increasing tier of “perks.”

On the other side, Perka allows merchants to tap into customer intelligence, and connect with loyal users via social media even when not in the store.

Perka is just one of the advances of our Clover line of products. The Clover Marketplace offers so many apps that can help you better manage your business, grow your customer base and at the same time eliminate that ugly credit card machine and POS or cash register system that is taking up valuable space on your counter(s).