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Perka™ | Ignite Payments

The Perka™ Solution is one of the easiest ways to market your business. It connects you to customers through their mobile phones to draw them back to your business with special offers and rewards they’ll love. It's the same kind of sophisticated loyalty marketing program as used by nationwide chains at a fraction of the cost.

Perka Rewards

Perka's Benefits for Business

Perka gives you everything you need to run your own digital loyalty and marketing program. And it works with any point-of-sale terminal or system.

50-60% of customers don't return after their first visit. We help you get them back in the door up to 50% more often.

  • Perka tailors loyalty programs that encourage repeat visits and improve sales. Merchants can include rewards for multiple products or services at once.
  • Enables small businesses across all sectors to roll out sophisticated and multifaceted loyalty efforts on par with airline and credit card rewards programs.
  • Reward sales, not visits. Some loyalty programs give out points for just showing up. With the Perka solution, you can validate purchases at the register to grant rewards only to your deserving, paying customers.
  • Perka Beacon makes it easy for customers to check-in. It speeds up the transaction by simplifying the check-in process for customers when they enter your store.
  • Expand your following. Social media features can help you to reach new customers and encourage repeat visits.
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