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Security breaches in small business are a big deal. TransArmor helps defend your system from hackers, protect your customers’ sensitive payment information and reduce liability in the event of a breach.
In the News
Credit card data breaches have been the top story the last few years and has been haunting the credit card industry and merchants as card issuers like Visa, MasterCard and others impose hefty fines to businesses with data breaches. This can place a large burden to a small business with the possibility of serious financial loss.
If Your Businesses Future Protected from a Data Breach?
Doing a search engine query for credit card breach will result in sea of data breach news story's, from large retail chains losing tens of millions of their customers credit card numbers to small bars and restaurants who have been hit with fraud. Our TransArmor solution works with your merchant account, it replacing your customers credit card data and replaces it with a token instead. So even if theirs a breach the card data is useless to hackers.